Nirvan Vocational School

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We Started This month vocational school giving courses of beauty parlour ,sewing and knitting for the young girls  and womans in the slums to provide them better future and self stand in life.

We installed water filter for the students, beauty products for 6 months,new almriah to store beauty products and chairs for this school ..We already have 30 students for this school and every day more girls and womans coming to enroll thus making the place for school we take on rent from family smaller for us,So this month we plan to take another bigger space on rent and if needed build 2 big rooms according to capacity of each batch.

Students For sewing right now learning cutting fabric they will be needing new machines Next week.

We hired teacher devi  living in slums holding a professional course degree in this field and having work  experience of 15 years..She was doing earlier her job far away taking her long time to go and come back plus extra money for conveyance.Now she is happy to have a job near to her home and she can give extra time to her childrens for their studies.

This course is for 6 months each . A fter the completion they will be given certificate By us.

Nirvan School By Pete

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We have Have started first slum school in kathputli colony with 40 kids teaching them english,maths,hindi and drawing.We hired 2 women teachers living in slums for teaching having earlier experience of teaching kids and working with kids in slums thus creating jobs for womens living in slums.We plan  to Recurit 200 to 300 kids till the end of the year 2013.

We Also look forward to provide them mid day meal from july onwards till now we are providing them with  some times fruits,cookies and candys.:)

Performance by Artists from katputli colony @ Brown Bread Bakery

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We sucessfully done a cultural event @ brown bread bakery by the artists from the slums for performing dhol (traditional punjabi music)a little move towards providing job to the artists from the slums as well as fundraising for the project..

Starting Of Pete

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Pete is a dream of a american teacher  Jim Wideman who came to india in 2009.

There is a sad story about his coming to india and starting this dreamproject.

His niece was kidnapped,raped and murder when she was14 years old ,This incident was a major turnout in his his life and had left him stranded he wanted to kill the guy who have done it but after a while when the guy was arrested he dont want to kill him anymore but reason behind it the guy was illiterate...

We been for 2 years to strengthen our vision and connecting people sharing same vision and helping other organisations in other slums like providing funds and with volunteers.

This year we decided to buy,build a school in a slum where no other ngo have been working so far and needs a educational structure.

The main thing to get the project going and strengthen our vision is funds sowe decided to make 100 donation boxes and install it all over delhi and installing them in europe as well in coffee shops and other common places .

We also started taking volunteers for installing the boxes and providing them accomadation outside and as well inside the slums according to their choice.

We also tied up with the learning to life society  varanasi(recommended by lonely planet) they are helping us at moment with providing us a counter for the Book exchange store (exchange 2 for 1) where traveller can exchange or take a book without exchange at a minimum contribution of 150 rupees in their brown bread bakery at ajay guest house paharganj .

We now be conducting slum walks on regular basis for travellers interested in seeing the life in slums. Our pick up point will be from Brown Bread Bakery itself

Brown Bread bakery have provided us with space for putting up a donation box for collecting funds and for for putting up a box for collecting clothes,books,pencils everything execpt pershiable food.We are very thankful to them for helping us strengthen our vision.

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