3 Nov 2014

As our projects bigger we decided to go on with more activities/walks thru this joint venture
Under the guidance of our cofounder SHIVA Chhabra who have conducted some tours in past and been appreciated very much by the guests,80 Percent of the funds out of profit after tax will be put back in Pete Ongoing and future projects.Pete for india travel comes with online platform to book tours which is hassle free. As  a launch Pete for India travel have put promotional offers on most of its listed walks but expanded a list of walks as well (E.g Bicycle tours,Cooking classes)..We hope to expand our projects in rishikesh and walks and activites as well in 2015..

9.12.2013 / Monday morning school

9.12.2013 / Monday morning school
Kathputli's youngsters are learning multiplication accounts with 4 in English and Hindi. With the help of their teacher Madhu they are doing a great job.
Despite the bad conditions, they are soaking up knowledge with the passion for learning in their heart. These children know that access to education is a privilege.

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