The Initial Work of Providing Education to Everyone is Targeted At Land in the state of UP,Uttranchal  (India), and Land in the Slums of Kathputli Colony (New Delhi)

Fundraising is Going To Be a Very Important Aspect of the Organization. We will Build The Schools According To The Amount Of Funds Available.

We Are Now Running 3 Nirvan SchoolsIn Kathputli Colony With 110 Kids And Hiring Of 7 teachers From The Slums And Needs 



Toys,games & books


Dry ration,rice,wheat,sugar,lentils,cereals,etc

Clothes (School Uniform)

A mobile medical van (For Whole Area Kathputli Colony)

Yoga Mats

In March we are opening up computer education,Kindergarten And Non formal education center in rural part of mountains of uttrakhand.

 Five Year Plan

The Organization mission in India where we hope to establish and effectively maintain 4 community education centers with each housing multiple satellite schools. However, we will also be working in the US to secure donated land where we will begin a charter school The MYKC organization will establish strict rules and regulations. The students of the charter school will have the opportunity to get a quality education and a safe facility close to home.

Ten Year Plan

The Organization would like to build and maintain community education centers all throughout India. Each community center would have a number of satellite branches based on particular need. The organization will continue to fund additional locations when funds become available.

Lifelong Plan

Our lifetime mission is to provide education to everyone. Every child in the world should have basic nutrition and high quality primary education.

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